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  • Learn both past and present political geography with ease
  • Learn the capitals of every nation in the world
  • And most of all HAVE FUN!
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How it Works
Fives Steps to Playing
Step One
Deal Cards & Get Ready
Deal out all cards equally, setting aside the remaining cards where players can trade them with the cards in their hand.
Step Two
Race Around the World!
Flip the timer and begin tracing a path from one nation to the next across the continent.
Step Three
Check Other Players
Each player reads off the route they created while the other players look at the map to check its accuracy.
Step Four
Quiz Capitals
Attempt to double the point value of up to three cards by naming the capital of that nation.
Step Five
Count Scores
All that is left is to determine how many points each player scored. Don't forget about the results from step 4.
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